Dish Brush Replacement Head

Dish Brush Replacement Head

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Wash, rinse, repeat with the Dish Brush Replacement Head. 

Brushes bristles are made of tampico (from the agave plant) and the base is made of beechwood. 

Each brush head lasts about 2-3 months with daily use and good care. 

Tip: Do not leave any wooden parts soaking in water as the the wood will absorb water and swell, causing cracks. Hang or place upright to dry after using. 

How to dispose: Once worn out, the Dish Brush Replacement Head can be composted. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So Smart

It's so smart that they made the brush handle itself with metal but made the replacement head solely out of composable materials. I also like that I can take off the head and use it as a scrubber for smaller spaces that the brush doesn't reach.

Duncan Uszkay
Appreciate being able to take off the handle

It's easier to clean some dishes by holding the brush in your hand, and for some it's easier with the handle.

Once you get good leverage with this brush it'll clean just about anything, aside from stuff that requires steel wool.

Zoe McCarron
Gets the Job Done

I've been trying to make more environmentally conscious decisions, but I just couldn't give up my plastic dish wand. That is until I tried the dish brush (and replacement heads) from the Make Nice Company. I love that it gets the job done and is environmentally friendly. This brush works so much better than my old wand too! Overall, very satisfied and will keep buying!

A new dawn for dishes

Make a conscious choice for the environment and join us on this plastic-free journey!

Get Scrubbing 🧽