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Soap Tray [Plant-based]

Soap Tray [Plant-based]

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A stylish way to keep your soap and counter dry while doing your part for the environment. 

Our Soap Tray can fit both our regular and BIG sized Solid Dish Soap. Extend the life of your Solid Dish Soap with ample drainage. The drip tray catches any water runoff without making a mess on your countertop.

Made with biodegradable plant-based materials, formed by using fermented starches like sugar cane and corn.
Designed and 3D printed in Canada.

Tip: Clean tray with cool water. Do not submerge in hot water and do not place in dishwasher to avoid warping. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nice While It Lasts

This is attractive and functional, it keeps the soap from turning to mush and helps keep things tidy. It's nice that it's made out of recycled plastic. But I would love to see a more durable option such as ceramic or something. Mine seems to only last about 2 blocks of soap before it falls apart.

Ashton K.
Perfect size & reduces soapy counters

Before buying this soap tray, I had used a couple different trays that either A) didn’t fit my BIG dish block, or B) always resulted in my counter turning into a wet soapy mess because of the soap dish drainage system (which is important to help your soap last longer).

This soap dish was truly made for these issues as it fits my BIG block, but also collects water in the bottom of the tray so it doesn’t spread across my counter!

Of course it will not collect an infinite amount of water, so I usually drain it onto my dish cloth to utilize the concentrated soapy water for my cleaning. You can also consider putting this drained water into a pump to use as a liquid soap! I’m very pleased with this product and all also very happy it has sustainability in mind being made with plant based materials.

I’d love to see other colours for this product if it’s possible! A lighter colour (white?) or earthy tones (dark green, dark teal blue) would also be beautiful!

Look great!

Looks great in the counter top! The drip tray could be taller to hold more water.

Poorly made

I'm not a fan of this dish, it leaks out the sides and all over the counter, I've had to put a plate under it. I've continued to use it because I can't find an alternative but I do not recommend this product at all.

Hi Holly. Thank you for your review. We're taking in all feedback to help make our products better. Please email us and we'll try our best to make this experience better for you!

Sarah Stevenson
Excellent Product!

I absolutely adore this company and what they are doing with dish washing options! The Soap Tray is MUST purchase for your sop bars--BIG or regular work perfectly in this! I highly recommend this product, this company, and what they stand for!!!!

A new dawn for dishes

Make a conscious choice for the environment and join us on this plastic-free journey!

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